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Insight Eye Clinic is the premier Silhouette retailer in the Northwest

We are the exclusive provider of renowned Silhouette lenses handcrafted in Austria.

We are proud to announce that our optician is the only 100% certified Silhouette expert in the area.

Austrian Standard Perfection

Silhouette glasses combine absolute precision, innovation, and incredible attention to detail. Silhouette's carbon-neutral facility in Austria follows extremely high standards of workmanship in producing only the highest quality frames and lenses.

Unparalleled Lightness

Renowned for crafting frames as light as 1.8 grams, Silhouette offers unparalleled lightness and limitless options in terms of shape, color, and design. Different materials are available from their proprietary SPX to hypoallergenic titanium making for the lightest frames in the world.

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One-of-a-kind Customization

Rimless, half-rim, and full-rim glasses and sunglasses that are created based on your unique features and measurements. Insight Eye Clinic never sells you a Silhouette frame directly from our optical. We fulfill each frame to order. Customizing your eyewear gives you optimum comfort and style as well as the clearest vision.

A Work of Art for Your Face

Silhouette has revolutionized the world of eyewear with their use of the latest materials and production techniques. However, their vision has always been to create the most beautiful eyewear in the world. From the very onset, they have been putting their heart and soul into making this vision into reality which still holds true today.

Silhouette optical eyewear history of eyeglass frames and lenses
Silhouette lightest frames in the world worn by several countries
Silhouette wins awards for their innovative eyewear designs, lightest frames, and quality craftmanship of optical frames and lenses
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