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Safety & Occupational Eyewear

Construction Workers

Insight Eye Clinic offers a variety of safety frames including those with side shields and those that seal around the eyes. We have both plastic and metal frames.

Safety eyewear protects your eyes against workplace hazards. Some employers require them, but whether they are required or not, safety glasses are vital to prevent common and sometimes sight-threatening injuries on the job.

  • Over 40% of workplace eye injuries occur among craft workers such as plumbers, repairers, carpenters, and mechanics.

  • About 33% happen among equipment operators, such as assemblers and sanders.

  • Hobbies can be just as dangerous as occupational duties. We recommended safety eyewear for any activities that poses risk to your eyes such as wood working, metal working, working on cars, etc.


Insight strictly follows ANSI standards in crafting eyewear that will keep your eyes safe.

Employers: please contact us for information on employee safety eyewear programs

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