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Insight's Part In The 20/20 Pledge


  1. Full health evaluation of the eyes with the latest technology.

  2. Checking visual acuity accurately for the best quality vision.

  3. Providing tough options for active kids.


  1. Setting your kids up for success in academic and extracurricular activities. 

  2. Providing quality products and services you can count on.

  3. Helping your child be all they can be!

Do your kids break their glasses easily?


We have never met a parent that does not want the best for their child. However, we know that buying the best for a kid is a risk, right? When you buy a pair of glasses for a child, you ask yourself a few questions: 


  1. Are they going to wear them?

  2. Are the glasses going to work?

  3. Are the glasses worth the investment?

We understand that buying pair after pair can be very expensive and time consuming. As a wearer of glasses for 30 years, Jacob has put together a package that is affordable, effective, and tough. This package has three different levels, all of which address your concerns. We call it the KIDS TUFF PACKAGE.

All package levels include a minimum of one year protection, polycarbonate lenses, anti-glare treatment, scratch coating, and two-time lens replacement. Our ultimate lens package includes two year protection, trivex material, blue blocking technology, 100% UV protection, and Transitions. 


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