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Introducing our newest frame collection: Catch London

Fun, fashion-forward eyewear handmade in Britain by Tom Davies, designer of celebrity frames seen in movies such as The Matrix: Resurrections. Davies designed the glasses worn by Academy Award-winning actresses Emma Stone and Emma Thompson in the Disney film Cruella. While researching the period, he noticed almost everyone in that era wore glasses. Working closely with Jenny Beavan, the film's multiple Academy Award-winning costume designer, Tom was asked to design glasses for nearly every cast member – a total of 120 frames. Multiple pairs were created for Stone to help track her metamorphosis from Estella to Cruella.

Each piece is created in Davies’ eyewear lab using high quality acetate that is mixed together by hand ensuring that each frame is unique. The facility is located 20 minutes from the heart of London which is why each frame is named after an iconic London street. The factory doubles as a creative space and features a massage room, creative Lego room, and rooftop bar.

Many of the factory team were taught their production skills as apprentices at the factory. They worked side by side with master craftsmen and now produce some of the most innovative designs from the collection.

We are so excited to be one of the first suppliers of Catch London frames in the states. We even have one (and only one) Cruella de Vil frame available for purchase. We also have exclusive frames that change color in the sun. Swing by. Come have some fun and try on a few Catch London frames. You will love them.

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